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Literature, Culture, and Society edited by Naqui Ahmad John and Abul Foyes Md Malik in its critically assorted forty-eight chapters try to re-establish the centrality of literature in society and culture. A rich canon of literature has the potential to anchor a society amidst a crisis. It records and communicates to future generations its ideals and inspires them through truth and beauty enshrined in the canon. Great literature by a society is a sure test of its prosperity and resilience. This book critically evaluates post-COVID literary and cultural scenarios from a sociological perspective. It has the potential to inspire further research and shall be a widely referred book in its domain.

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  1. An immensely helpful resource for the students, teachers and researchers working in the area of literature and its relationship with society and culture. The book has forty-eight chapters dealing with different aspects of the relationship between literature, culture and society. They focus on the individual authors, literary topics of general importance, as well as some genres as a whole, and try to bring out the threads which connect them to the different social and cultural concerns. The book presents so many critical opinions at a place, and thus proves to be a great help for the people working on their research in the related fields. Even for a common reader, the book offers diverse range of scholarly interpretations on various aspects of literature, culture and society, and helps him/her in understanding the otherwise hidden literary patterns. The editors have done a great job in bringing together so many significant critical opinions at a place. Such an effort is of lasting importance, and invites immense praise from the readers. The book is, in fact, a very commendable effort in literary studies, and a must read for anyone at all interested in literature and its significant and lasting relationship with society and culture.

  2. Feeling proud to be a part of the book Literature Culture and, Society edited by Naqui Ahmad John and Abdul Foyes Md Malik. Thank You’ll.

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